Docsuites Information Security Services
Docsuites Information Security Services
Professional discretion and trust

What we do
Gain understanding of your business goals and objectives
Prioritize by best ROI
Reduce risk to your market value
Protect your Brand

Areas of Focus
Incident Response and Risk
Governance Policy, Standards and Procedures
Compliance and PCI
On Prem/Cloud Architecture
Scanning and Remediation of Agile SDLC

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Thinking like an Information Security Professional
"It's about the ongoing process of maturing your Security Posture"
"Year 1, Isolate and work on the immediate tasks up to 80%, then 15% Documentation, then 5% Process Improvement"
"Year 2, 50% immediate (or Adhoc), 40% Documentation, and 10 percent Process Improvement"
"Year 3, 20% Adhoc, 30% Documentation, 50% Process Improvement"
"In every decision you make, think about what is driving your risk"
"A quick way to get started is Risk = ATV (A = Asset/Data Tier, T = Threat, and V = How Vulnerable"